How it all started

Way, way back in the dim and distant past, (before the internet, home computers and mobile phones) I tried all sorts of arty pursuits: painting, drawing, origami, batik. I did have a model railway, but I spent more time making the papier-maiche hills and tunnels.

As I continued through ‘serious’ education, my arty side was neglected until I was in full time work. I then picked up brushes again and daubed oil paints and pastels. I could never get to grips with watercolour though.

In the later part of my working life I spent time in a small consultancy. The company was small enough to allow people to get involved in all parts of the business if they so wished, including the in-house website. Which is how I came across Macromedia Flash 5. I started poking around with it to see what it / I could do.

I produced some animated idents for the in-house website. But my creations were limited to a 180 x 60 px space.

Here are a couple from the archives, one for Valentine’s day and one for Easter.

The exploding rabbit population proved popular. Occasionally the rabbits appear all white or all pink.

About this time a couple of friends sent me ecards from a quite well known website which features dogs. And I thought, I could do that.

So I quit a well paid job, went back to college to gain some knowledge in digital art, sound editing, composition, animation etc., and started harveyline.

I am fortunate that by brother is a very gifted pianist and was keen to push his musicality into composition and arranging.

I hope to be able to continue this enterprise for several years and provide eCards and other art that is both engaging and entertaining.

No matter how original you think you are… was nagging at me where I had seen or heard the title of theĀ  post before….here is a link to the talk by ‘father of the internet’ Tim Berners-Lee:

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