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25 reasons to dislike a website

When I started the harveyline website I wanted to make sure it provided a ‘good visitor experience’. The book ‘Don’t make me think!’ By Steve Krug provided a lot of insight. Website’s That Suck has been around for a while … Continue reading

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Using Flash ads in AdWords

As the harveyline website develops I try to find ways to promote it. I pay Mr. Google for advertising through AdWords. When, and if, I think I understand the complexities of AdWords I might post something on this blog. AdWords … Continue reading

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My name is of no consequence

The 1960 film The Time Machine, directed by George Pal is doing the rounds on UK TV at the moment. Always worth a look for the Oscar-winning stop motion effects and the lovely Yvette Mimieux. Edwardian London and all other … Continue reading

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Downhill to Christmas

Well it’s the season of mellow fruitfulness here in Aberdeen. After a lacklustre summer, the nights have turned distinctly chilly and the leaves are turning all shades of red and yellow. Today, the sky is that pale, cerulean blue we … Continue reading

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