25 reasons to dislike a website

When I started the harveyline website I wanted to make sure it provided a ‘good visitor experience’.

The book ‘Don’t make me think!’ By Steve Krug provided a lot of insight.

Website’s That Suck has been around for a while and is always worth a visit, just to make sure your own site is not as cringe-worthy as some of the examples shown.

Many of the contributors to the UKBusinessForums regularly have something to say on the matter.

So, in no particular order:

  1. Flash websites.
  2. Intros (including Flash intros).
  3. Requests to register for no apparent reason.
  4. Loooong pages that scroll forever.
  5. Sound that plays as if from nowhere.
  6. Videos that auto play.
  7. Poor quality images or at the wrong resolution, often pixelated to death.
  8. Stock images of unreal people.
  9. Popups.
  10. Popups that say “Are you sure you want to leave?” as you try to leave the site.
  11. Poor speeling.
  12. Poor grammar, innit.
  13. No replies to your contact email.
  14. Pages not found.
  15. Links not working.
  16. Requirement to download specific software to use the site.
  17. So what do I click on?
  18. Slow load times.
  19. Complete this survey request as you enter the site for the first time.
  20. Embedded ads….where is the content on this page please?
  21. No design (mad fonts especially Comic Sans, garish colours).
  22. No real contact address (as required in the UK by the Office of Fair Trading).
  23. Incomplete.
  24. Inaccurate.
  25. Out-of-date.

I usually string the last three together during a rant about how 80% of the information on the internet is valueless. But shown like this brings the list to nice round number.
So if you think there is something you dislike about harveyline, please tell us.
Contact me.

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