What is so funny about the name Bernard?

The film ‘Stardust’ is full of British quirkiness, plus some Hollywood big names to ensure its’ overseas appeal (ie the USA). It is only slightly spoiled by Clare Danes’ acting and the presence of Ricky Gervais.

At one point, witch Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) transmogrifies a boy (Jake Curran) into a goat and subsequently the goat into a voluptuous girl (Olivia Grant). This girl has only one line in the entire film; when asked her name, she replies, in a male voice: “Bernard”.

Why does that make me laugh?

(Possibly more importantly, why the magic has not altered her voice……?)

Series 2 of the brilliant UK comedy ‘Blackadder’ (apart from series 1) is based in the Elizabethan period. Queen Elizabeth I is portrayed as capricious and childlike by Miranda Richardson. Her rather rustic ‘nursie’ is played by Patsy Byrne.

When the queen asks ‘nursie’ for her real name, she replies: “Bernard”.

That makes me laugh too.

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