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We’re jammin’

Thanks to the phenomenal summer this year (as was 2018) the garden has been bloomin’ lovely. The rampant wild raspberries in the greenhouse had a lot of fruit, and the equally rampant and triffid-like bramble started producing fruit at the … Continue reading

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This post summarises the research I did for the Snowflakes eCard here. Some of the code and artwork from the eCard were re-purposed in this interactive snowflake maker which can create over 8 billion showflake shapes; one for each Earth … Continue reading

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I cannot (will not) use TLF text fields in Flash CS5

I was trying to understand how Flash uses the 3D settings (although it is really 2.5D and I’m still thinking about it…). So I made a simple display MC and put some sliders on the stage with text boxes to … Continue reading

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Google Art Project

This week saw the launch of the Google Art Project. Google has created an online repository of works of art from a number of galleries around the world. The interface allows you virtually walk through the galleries and to examine … Continue reading

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What is so funny about the name Bernard?

The film ‘Stardust’ is full of British quirkiness, plus some Hollywood big names to ensure its’ overseas appeal (ie the USA). It is only slightly spoiled by Clare Danes’ acting and the presence of Ricky Gervais. At one point, witch … Continue reading

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Even more eCards from harveyline

A couple more eCard to video conversions….. You can see the full resolution eCards and more options on harveyline.

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Yet more eCards from harveyline

Here are some more eCard to video conversions. I particularly like the way the Christmas Star turned out. The particle effect is not too overwhelming and Trevor’s music works very well. You can see the eCards at better resolution on … Continue reading

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eCards from harveyline

As part of the unashamed promotion of my commercial venture at I am in the process of converting (although I’m not sure that is the right word) the eCards to video animation. Here are two. You can see the … Continue reading

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The correct form of greeting when meeting an extraterrestrial

This is not original. The correct greeting is: “Gnorts”. Or in full: “Gnorts, Mr. Alien”. Which of course is “Neil Armstrong” backwards. A coincidence? I think not.

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We have the same birthday! What are the chances of that?

No it’s not my birthday. Some random neuron fired on brain today and I recalled an item in one of Martin Gardner’s books: How many people do you need to ensure that two of them will have a better than … Continue reading

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