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Welcome to harveyline.com.

This website offers eCards and desktop wallpaper, that we hope you will find appealing, decorative and entertaining.

We do not have as many eCards as other 'free' sites. Our eCards are unique, with higher quailty animations, original music and sound effects. Many of the eCards are interactive and can be customised to your taste.

The harveyline website works like a magazine. For a small yearly subscription you may send as many of the eCards as you like and download the desktop Wallpapers. During the year we will add new art to to the eCard and Wallpaper collections. We will keep you informed of additions to the site through a newsletter.


Free Trial

When you join harveyline you do not have to pay straight away. You can take advantage of our free trial and send up to 10 eCards within 10 days of joining.

We hope this will give you an idea of how the eCards work and the other benefits of paid membership.

After you have sent 10 eCards, or when 10 days has passed, we will send you an email telling you the free trial is over.

We do not automatically charge your credit card when the trial period has finished.

We hope you will want to become a paying member of harveyline and continue to use our eCards.

You may pay at any time during the free trial.

When you visit harveyline you will use your email address to sign in.




Many of our eCards are animated and have sound, some also have music. Many of the eCards are designed to be interactive which allows you to customise them or to personalise them for the recipient.

You can turn the sound on and off by using this button:  mute button

All the eCards have pop-up help boxes. Look for this button:  help button

The eCards have a front and a back. The front shows the artwork, animation and usually a greeting. The back has space for an optional, longer message. The eCard can be turned over by clicking on the page curl in the bottom left corner of the eCard.


click to turn card


On the back of the eCard is a space where you can send a longer message, like you would in an email. The back of the Snowman eCard looks like this:


message panel


There are buttons below the eCard, the number of buttons you see depends on the eCard. There are always buttons that let you: mute the sound, open the help pages for that eCard, navigate to the main eCards page and to Send the eCard.

In the example shown from the Snowman eCard, there are additional buttons to show you the options for dressing the snowman and for adding short greetings.


button bar


The eCard is sent by clicking on the red Send button which displays the email panel which looks like this:


email panel


You can send the eCard to multiple addresses from your address book. To send the eCard to more addresses, just click on the "Send eCard again?" button.

If you are in a hurry, or cannot think what to write, some of the eCards come with a pre-prepared greeting. 

Some eCards let the recipient make changes when they receive it. For example, the Snowmans' appearance can be changed.

Recipients can only send the eCards if they are members of harveyline.

The eCard designs on this website are unique to harveyline.com. If you see them somewhere else, plase let us know at: contact@harveyline.com



Desktop Wallpaper

The wallpapers are of two types: digital images created in 3D modelling software and photographs.

They are presented in a number of sizes, suitable for single or dual screen monitors.

There are many monitor sizes available, such as 17in, 22in etc. And all these different monitors, when set up with the graphics card, can display a wide range of resolutions, such as 1280 x 1024 pixels or 1600 x 900 pixels.

So to make things a bit easier we list the wallpapers by the aspect ratio of the monitor display. In other words the ratio of width x height in pixels. On the wallpapers page we are able to show the aspect ratio of the monitor you are using:

wallpaper aspect ratio

You can then select this aspect ratio from the list and download:

wallpapers select ratio




The Extras pages are short articles on subjects that have caught our eye as we research content for harveyline. Of course, purposeful, directed research often degenerates into aimless wandering along the rabbitholes which festoon the interweb and we get distracted by some bright, shiney bauble someone has dropped.

And if you find the Extras prevent you from doing what you should be doing, don't call us. We are busy doing research......



Joining harveyline

On the Join page we ask you for a few pieces of information, such as name, email, date of birth and gender. We do this so we can see who is using harveyline, and create new content that is appropriate for those users.

When you click on the "Join" button you are taken to the next page where you can then pay the subscription fee.

The payment page collects details about how you want to pay such as a credit card or Paypal. We do not see or store this information. The process takes place on a secure server at RBS WorldPay.

The subscription fee is currently £4.50 for one year's membership, about $7.20 or E5.60.

Once you are a fully paid up member you can send as many of the eCards as you like and download the wallpapers.

We do not use automatic renewal of the subscription. We will remind you that your subscription is due for renewal about a month before the due date.

When you visit harveyline you will use your email address to sign in.



My browser

Your browser should be a recent version. On Windows and Macs, at least:

  • Internet Explorer 5
  • Netscape 8
  • Mozilla 1.7.5
  • Firefox 1
  • Safari 1.3

    On Linux:

  • Mozilla 1.7.x
  • Firefox 1.5.07
  • SeaMonkey 1.0.5

    At present the iPhone, iTouch and iPad cannot play back the animations used on this site.

    You do not need to double-click the mouse to activate the buttons on the eCards. A single click will be enough.



    Members' tools

    When you are signed in and visit your 'my harveyline' page you will find several helpful tools.


    The email address book is available to you when sending an eCard

    If you have any problems with these tools, or they do not work the way you would like, please let us know:


    Adobe Flash Player

    We use Adobe's Flash to create the animated eCards. The eCards and the videos in the Extras pages use the Flash Player to display the content in the web browser window. If you use the internet regularly, you will probably have seen animated banners or video on other websites, these typically use the Flash Player for playback.

    The Flash Player is a small, free, application which is embedded in the web browser. Most browsers already have the Player installed. As the Player is continually upgraded, it is wise to have the most recent version embedded in your browser. If you see this image:




    It means that you do not have the most recent version of the Flash Player. If you click yes, a download box will open with the request to close all browser windows. After installation, your browser window will reopen on the page where you started. If you click No, you will not be able to see the animations and video on this site.

    You may see this message if you do not have the Flash Player installed:


    If you are seeing this message it means your browser needs some adjustment.

    To view the eCard you need to have the Flash Player installed in your browser. If you would like to download the Flash Player, please click on the button.

    Get Adobe Flash player

    You will be taken to the page on the Adobe website where you can download the player.

    Without the Flash Player you will not be able to see the animated eCards or the videos on harveyline.




    The future

    harveyline.com was launched in April 2010.

    We are committed to developing the website and to continually add new content.

    We already have ideas to enhance members' visits to the website by providing you with personal calendars, a reminder service and personal email address books.

    We intend to send short newsletters approximately every two months to inform you of additions to the eCards and wallpapers.



    Who is harveyline?

    The artwork on this website and most of the website itself are created by Martin Harvey. Here is a photograph of the artist as a young man.


    Martin Harvey


    The original music on this website is composed and played by Trevor Harvey. Here is a photograph of the musician as a young man.


    Trevor Harvey

    Yes, we are related.




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