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harveyline eCards

Our custom eCards let you make a very personal greeting.
you may add your own words, or perhaps name.

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Birthday Balloons

Take a big breath and to blow up those ballons!

You can add a name and choose a style for the birthday greeting.

Bridge to Your Heart

Been foolish? Hurt someone?

Trying to find a a way to mend a bridge?

Perhaps this will help.......


Well it looks like chocolate!

You can add a person's name

City Lights

The lights in the buildings spell out your greeting.

The original music in this eCard is written in 5/4 time


This card combines colour themes, animated flowers and music.

You can choose your own colour theme, add a greeting and a person's name.

There are about 200 different combinations to choose from.

Easter Chick


Based on the 'Chocolate' eCard

You can add a person's name

Magic Presents

No matter how much you shake the snowglobe.....

.....the presents always land the right way up.

You can change the colour of the background and choose a greeting.

Oh Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree with lights and decorations grows in time to music.

The music is the traditional 'Tannanbaum' in a hymnal style.

You can choose a Christmas greeting.


Old Denim Valentine

Valentine's day is all sewn up with this eCard.

You can choose a Valentine greeting.

Thread that needle!

Pumpkin Carving

Carve your own design for a pumpkin face.

The greeting says Happy Halloween.

WARNING contains blood and spiders!!

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